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Gongli- Your Preferred Supplier for High-Quality Translucent FRP Roofing Products.

Gongli- Your Preferred Supplier for High-Quality Translucent FRP Roofing Products.

Gongli is a specialized manufacturer that produces synthetic resin tiles, U-PVC plastic steel tiles among other roofing materials. We are dedicated to serving our customers with the best products and services since we have extensive knowledge in this field. Our new line of FRP translucent roof products has been widely welcomed by most of our clients due to its many advantages.

FRP refers to Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic which is a composite material made up of glass fibers that provide strength and durability while the plastic provides flexibility and weather resistance. FRP translucent roofs offer several benefits over traditional roofing materials when used as a roofing material.

One main advantage of the FRP translucent roof material is its ability to allow natural light into a room without compromising privacy. Hence, they are ideal for use with commercial buildings such as offices, hotels, and malls where balance between lighting and privacy is important. Additionally, these roof materials are fireproof, water proof, and UV resistant thus they can be used in any construction project for long durations without being replaced.

At Gongli, we produce only quality FRP translucent roofing panels that meet all requirements of our consumers. Our team of professionals who have wide experience sort out top class raw materials using cutting-edge production processes to guarantee high quality products to our esteemed customers. Furthermore, there is a wide range of accessories accompanying these products such that completion of projects by the clients becomes much easier with them.

Additionally, Gongli is committed to excellent customer service besides providing quality goods. Whenever required by our clients, our team will always be ready to clarify issues or assist them appropriately towards finding solutions suitable for their particular cases. Moreover we give competitive pricing policy alongside fast turnaround times so that clients can get what they need within shortest periods possible.

To sum up if you want great grade fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) rooftop coverings which can be depended on, tough and adaptable, you have come to the right place Gongli. Being an ally with unquestionable trust in the roofing industry, we strive to provide our customers with the best products and services at any given time. Do not hesitate to contact us today to know more about our FRP translucent roof coverings and how they can benefit your next construction project.

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Gongli: The Leading Choice for FRP Translucent Roof Solutions

Gongli: The Leading Choice for FRP Translucent Roof Solutions

Gongli's FRP translucent roof tiles are designed to provide a perfect balance of natural light transmission and exceptional strength. These tiles are made from high-grade fiberglass reinforced polymer; thus they offer excellent insulation characteristics which result in a comfortable energy-efficient environment. By allowing natural light to permeate through them, Gongli's FRP translucents roofs brighten up space creating an ideal environment for commercial or industrial buildings looking forward to minimizing costs on artificial lights as well as improving overall look. Our brand name Gongli has become synonymous with reliability and quality in the field of FRP roofing.

There is more than mere functionality when it comes to design options offered by Gongli’s FRP translucent roofs. These come available in different colours as well as finishes thereby adding elegance into any building so that it can fit both contemporary and traditional architecture. In order to meet highest standards of quality and performance, our company with its extensive experience and expertise in the roofing industry ensures that each and every FRP translucent roof product is developed. Choose Gongli for your next roofing project and experience the perfect blend of strength, style, and sustainability that our FRP translucent roof solutions offer.

Gongli’s Top of the range FRP Roofing Sheets for Your Building Projects

Gongli’s Top of the range FRP Roofing Sheets for Your Building Projects

Gongli remains the best company in resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel roof tiles and other roof options. We are specialized in offering quality FRP translucent roofing systems that can be tailored to meet specific needs of customers. Having been in this industry for quite some time now, we are a name to reckon with when it comes to construction offering unique and cost effective solutions for roofing.

Advantages of FRP Translucent Roofing: The use of FRP translucent roofs has several benefits over the conventional materials used in roofing. They are light weight and long lasting as well as fire resistant, moisture resistant and insect resistant. Thus they are an ideal material for any building whether residential or commercial type. Moreover, FRP roofs are easy to install and maintain thus saving on time and money in the future. These issues have been considered by Gongli when coming up with their product making them one of the leading producers.

Gongli’s FRP Translucent Roofing Systems: Gongli manufactures various types of FRP translucent roofing systems such as U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC composite roof tile, and Strong synthetic resin tile among others. Our systems are also built to suit different user requirements based on their customization needs. Furthermore, we have PC transparent sheet which is used together with various complementary products while doing your roof project like; if you want your project done talk to us we will link you with our experts who will ensure that all your requirements regarding this kind of roof will be satisfied.

Gongli: FRP Translucent Roof Manufacturer for Enhanced Daylight Solutions

Gongli: FRP Translucent Roof Manufacturer for Enhanced Daylight Solutions

The company is a well-known roofing expert, Gongli; they make the latest translucent roofs from FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester) that are changing how commercial and industrial buildings light up. In addition, these new types of tiles combine efficiency in energy with toughness, hence enabling firms to enjoy plenty of sunlight without compromising on their structures’ integrity. Our dedication to quality ensures that each FRP translucent roof is built to last even under harsh weather conditions while retaining high optical clarity.

Gongli is aware of the need for tailored offerings across different industries because it serves as one of the top B2B manufacturers. Additionally, our FRP translucent roof panels are both easy to carry and versatile enough to fit any architectural design and pattern specified by clients. For example, through reducing the usage of artificial light during day hours we contribute towards sustainable development through low energy consumption rates in our business products. Let businesses rather opt for Gongli’s FRP transparencies so as to lower their carbon footprints and have an attractive room filled with light.

With several years of practice behind them and a constant strive for novelty, Gongli provides a complete line-up of supplementary accessories aimed at ensuring a problem-free installation process. From water-tight seals down to supportive constructions; we have you all covered. Count on us whenever your next building or restoring activity needs reliability backed by years of satisfaction guaranteed performance plus long-term savings on costs involved in keeping it around. Have confidence in Gongli’s best FRP-transparent roofs that brighten up any building or improve its capability

Gongli's Tough FRP Dilute Roof for Better Performance

Gongli's Tough FRP Dilute Roof for Better Performance

Gongli is a household name in the construction business where it manufactures high-quality construction materials such as FRP translucent roof. Our FRP translucent roof, made from Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) is very durable and resistant to weather conditions. It is intended to achieve a perfect blend of light transmission ability and structural integrity which makes it an ideal choice for commercial and industrial buildings. With our state-of-the-art technology and years of experience, each and every gongli’s FPR translucent roof goes beyond customers’ anticipations.

The FRP translucent roof manufactured by Gongli is not just an ordinary roofing system but rather it is an investment that provides long-term benefits. This unique structure allows maximum penetration of natural light into the building thereby reducing the necessity for artificial lighting hence lowering energy consumption. Additionally, our roofs are environmentally friendly since they are made from sustainable materials and can contribute towards LEED certification of green buildings. Moreover, there are various sizes, shapes and finishes that can be found in Gongli’s FRP translucent roofs to cater for different architectural requirements as well as design preferences.

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Guangdong Gongli Building Materials Co., Ltd. specialized in the production of synthetic resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC compsite roof tile, PVC plastic, ASA chinese style roof tile, Strong synthetic resin tile, PC transparent sheet and various matching accessories etc. specializina in the production of professional manufacturers. The company was founded in 2014. The products produced than the market the same type the product is more durable, more resilient, better fire performance characteristics. Our company is located in the hinterland of the pear river delta-Lubao town sanshui district, Foshan city Guangdong province, it covers the area of over 40000 square meters. With more than 200 employees and 19 advanced production lines, 3 are under construction. We can produce 80000 tons per year. Different products are meeting to the different demands of customers.

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We use high-quality materials to ensure their performance and durability. After production, we conduct quality checks to ensure compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

Custom products

Our professional team will work closely with you, from design to production, whether it is color, size and logo design, every link will be carefully crafted.

Reliable reputation

We are a company with 10 years of industry experience and deep industry knowledge and skills. We will be professional attitude and rigorous work style to provide customers with reliable services

Selling well all over the world

No matter in which market, quality is always the most concerned issue for consumers. Ensuring the high quality of products is the key to winning the trust of consumers.


What users say about Us

Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a game-changer in the construction industry! Their durability and resilience surpass other roofing materials. The variety of options, including U-PVC ladder tiles and PC transparent sheets, cater to diverse project needs. Gongli's products are the go-to choice for quality roofing solutions.



Gongli's ASA PVC composite roof tiles are the pinnacle of roofing technology! Their superior fire performance and durability make them ideal for residential and commercial projects alike. The range of accessories available ensures seamless installation. Gongli's products have revolutionized our roofing projects.



Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a homeowner's dream come true! Their strength and fire performance give homeowners peace of mind. The variety of options, including strong synthetic resin tiles and PVC plastic sheets, cater to different aesthetic preferences. Gongli's products enhance the value and safety of residential properties.



Gongli's PVC plastic and PC transparent sheets are perfect for our real estate projects! Their durability and resilience ensure long-lasting performance in various climatic conditions. The ASA PVC composite roof tiles add aesthetic value to our properties. Gongli's products have become our preferred choice for roofing solutions.





Do You Have Any Question?

What is the composition of Gongli's FRP translucent roof products?

Gongli's FRP translucent roofing solutions are made from fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) materials that provide superior light transmission.

How durable and long-lasting are Gongli's FRP translucent roof products?

Gongli designs its FRP translucent roofs to be highly durable and resistant to weathering, UV exposure, and other environmental factors.

How do Gongli's FRP translucent roofs perform in terms of thermal insulation?

Gongli's FRP translucent roofing systems are designed with effective thermal properties to improve energy efficiency.

Can Gongli's FRP translucent roofs be used for both commercial and residential applications?

Gongli's FRP translucent roof solutions are versatile and suitable for a wide range of property types and project requirements.


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