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Gongli – A reliable partner for excellent imitation resin tile production

Gongli – A reliable partner for excellent imitation resin tile production

Gongli is specialized in manufacturing synthetic resin tiles, UPVC plastic profiled tile, UPVC ladder roof tile, UPVC ASA synthetic resin tile, PVC ASA composite roofing tiles, PVC plastic, Chinese style roof tiles of ASA PVC and PC transparent sheets as well as all kinds of matching accessories.

Synthetic resin tiles have been widely used for roofing purposes due to their strength and durability as well as aesthetic appeal. We realize that the use of high-quality materials and advanced technology when producing synthetic resins at Gongli is paramount to the success of our customers. Our experienced staffs work side by side with our customers to know more about their distinctive needs so that we can offer them tailor-made solutions that are beyond their expectations.

One of the greatest benefits of synthetic resin tiles is that they can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are designed in a way that they can sustain heavy rains, strong winds or even fire outbreak without getting damaged. Therefore these types of tiles are perfect for both residential and commercial buildings located within harsh climatic conditions.

We have modern production facilities at Gongli which allow us to produce large quantities of synthetic resin tiles while maintaining quality consistency. Each piece goes through rigorous checks and this has resulted in an assortment that meets international standards hence lasting long enough.

Moreover, Gongli focuses on sustainability apart from quality. For example we ensure minimum environmental pollution through using green materials and manufacturing processes. Additionally, our artificial roofs consume less energy for heating or cooling thus saving homeowners money.

There is no project similar to another one here; therefore we provide numerous customization options for our resins products at Gongli. Our experts will help you make your styles unique by simply working together with them so that they can design specific models based on your needs.

In conclusion, if you need a credible associate in the manufacture of imitation resin tile manufacturing industry then refer to Gongli. We are confident with our quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction philosophy that will help you meet your aims in life. For more information concerning what we have to offer, please feel free to get in touch with Gongli today.

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Gongli: Durable Roofing and High-grade Synthetic Resin Tile Solutions

Gongli: Durable Roofing and High-grade Synthetic Resin Tile Solutions

Unmatched Quality and Performance The skillful design of Gongli’s synthetic resin tiles ensures a high standard of performance even under different weather conditions. They are made from high quality materials to give them superb resistance to such factors as UV rays, temperature variations, and chemical effects. Thus, they are just perfect for roofing projects that require maintenance-free durability. In this way, you can be sure that after having chosen these products among others available in the market your structure will not only remain beautiful but also retain its functionality throughout its life span.

Commitment to Strength and Sustainability Among other things gongli however stands out as being one of the few companies that produce very strong green plastic oofingtiles to promote green building ideas . Our products last long but also weigh less thus reducing the load on structures hence enhancing energy efficiency as well as conserving natural resources through good environmental management practices such as recycling . In addition gongli’s synthetic resin tiles are eco-friendly and therefore reduce buildings’ carbon footprints by being reusable. Trust Gongli to provide roofing that is both strong and green.

Synthetic Resin Tile Expert: Gongli

Synthetic Resin Tile Expert: Gongli

Synthetic resin tile are produced by Gongli, a leading manufacturer of resin tiles. We concentrate on creating long lasting and aesthetically pleasing synthetic resins that are capable of withstanding different types of weather conditions. In the industry, Gongli is a reputable name and in this regard we ensure that all of our tiles are created using the most recent technology with strict quality control measures.

Our synthetic resin tiles are well known for their durability as well as their adaptability. Some applications include U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVC ASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC compsite roof tile, and PVC plastic used in various roofing solutions. Moreover we manufacture ASA chinese style roof tile and strong synthetic resin tile. As such, when businesses need high-quality roofs they have made a beat to manufacturer us who has pioneered innovation.

Roofing Innovation: Gongli’s Synthetic Resin Tiles

Roofing Innovation: Gongli’s Synthetic Resin Tiles

The innovative and pioneering solutions offered by Gongli have made it a leading dealer in the production of synthetic resin tiles. Modern trends are moving towards synthetic resin tiles as an alternative to traditional roof covers due to their durability, beauty and resistance to harsh weather conditions. Gongli has shown its commitment to excellence through its comprehensive range of products that include synthetic resin tiles as well as U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile and ASA PVC composite roof tile among others.

Gongli ensures that its synthetic resin tiles remain of high quality in order to meet the industry standards.With our synthetic resin tiles designed for even the harshest climates, home owners (and business people) alike will get long-lasting roofs which are not prone to being affected by different weather conditions.Moreover, this type of tiling can fit into various architectural styles making sure that any building looks excellent after all.

Gongli’s manufacturing process integrates state-of-the-art technology and material excellence hence resulting in light weight final product for ease of installation, impressive life span etc. The use of synthetics helps reduce construction industry reliance on natural resources – a factor kept in mind by Gongli with regard to enlightened customers.

Gongli- Exceptionally durable roofs using the best synthetic resin top sheets

Gongli- Exceptionally durable roofs using the best synthetic resin top sheets

The Workmanship of Excellence: The synthetic resin tiles from Gongli are a perfect blend of strength and beauty. We make sure each tile is made to be weather resistant during our up-to-the-minute manufacturing process, hence aesthetically pleasing forever as well. These are not just roofing materials, but also your peace of mind. The synthetic resin tiles from Gongli provide excellent insulation thereby reducing energy costs while creating comfortable living environments.

Different Styles for Different Tastes: As modern construction emphasizes design flexibility, Gongli knows it too well. Our diverse collection includes various types of synthetic resin tiles. If you fancy ASA Chinese style roof tiles with its traditional charm or the U-PVC ladder type which stands for modern elegance, then we have them all covered in our selection. Our pledge at Gongli is to bring out any structure’s visual appeal by improving its appearance through quality tiling without interfering with its functionality.

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Guangdong Gongli Building Materials Co., Ltd. specialized in the production of synthetic resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC compsite roof tile, PVC plastic, ASA chinese style roof tile, Strong synthetic resin tile, PC transparent sheet and various matching accessories etc. specializina in the production of professional manufacturers. The company was founded in 2014. The products produced than the market the same type the product is more durable, more resilient, better fire performance characteristics. Our company is located in the hinterland of the pear river delta-Lubao town sanshui district, Foshan city Guangdong province, it covers the area of over 40000 square meters. With more than 200 employees and 19 advanced production lines, 3 are under construction. We can produce 80000 tons per year. Different products are meeting to the different demands of customers.

Why Choose Us

Reliable quality

We use high-quality materials to ensure their performance and durability. After production, we conduct quality checks to ensure compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

Custom products

Our professional team will work closely with you, from design to production, whether it is color, size and logo design, every link will be carefully crafted.

Reliable reputation

We are a company with 10 years of industry experience and deep industry knowledge and skills. We will be professional attitude and rigorous work style to provide customers with reliable services

Selling well all over the world

No matter in which market, quality is always the most concerned issue for consumers. Ensuring the high quality of products is the key to winning the trust of consumers.


What users say about Us

Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a game-changer in the construction industry! Their durability and resilience surpass other roofing materials. The variety of options, including U-PVC ladder tiles and PC transparent sheets, cater to diverse project needs. Gongli's products are the go-to choice for quality roofing solutions.



Gongli's ASA PVC composite roof tiles are the pinnacle of roofing technology! Their superior fire performance and durability make them ideal for residential and commercial projects alike. The range of accessories available ensures seamless installation. Gongli's products have revolutionized our roofing projects.



Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a homeowner's dream come true! Their strength and fire performance give homeowners peace of mind. The variety of options, including strong synthetic resin tiles and PVC plastic sheets, cater to different aesthetic preferences. Gongli's products enhance the value and safety of residential properties.



Gongli's PVC plastic and PC transparent sheets are perfect for our real estate projects! Their durability and resilience ensure long-lasting performance in various climatic conditions. The ASA PVC composite roof tiles add aesthetic value to our properties. Gongli's products have become our preferred choice for roofing solutions.





Do You Have Any Question?

What are the key features of Gongli's synthetic resin tiles?

Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are known for their durability, weatherproofing, and design versatility.

What raw materials are used in the production of Gongli's synthetic resin tiles?

Gongli utilizes high-quality synthetic resins, polymers, and other advanced materials in its tile formulations.

In what types of projects or buildings are Gongli's synthetic resin tiles commonly used?

Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are suitable for a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

What kind of durability and weather resistance do Gongli's synthetic resin tiles provide?

Gongli engineers its synthetic resin tiles to withstand harsh environmental conditions and maintain their appearance over time.


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