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Gongli – Your ultimate and high standard roofing sheets provider

Gongli – Your ultimate and high standard roofing sheets provider

Gongli is a company that specializes in manufacturing roofing materials and is dedicated to delivering highly rated goods that conform to the highest industry norms. Our broad range of roofing sheets includes synthetic resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC composite roof tile, PVC plastic, ASA Chinese style roof tile, strong synthetic resin tile, PC transparent sheet as well as various matching accessories.

At Gongli, we know how important it is to select the right type of roofing sheets for any construction project to ensure its durability and performance. Therefore, we use only superior raw materials and advanced manufacturing processes in order to produce durable products that are also attractive.

Lightweight synthetic resin tiles make an excellent choice for those who want easy installation roofing solutions. Such tiles are made from quality materials showing good resistance against weathering as well as UV radiation thereby making them ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.

For those who prefer a more traditional appearance our U-PVC plastic steeled tiles are a great option. They mimic real metal roofs while having the advantages of plastics including corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

Adding up on our normal roofing sheets; Gongli also makes customized ones depending on your requirements. We have experienced experts who will work closely together with you to create roofing sheets that serve your specific needs.

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Roofing Sheets of Premium Quality for the Best Protection and Aesthetics

Roofing Sheets of Premium Quality for the Best Protection and Aesthetics

Being a well-known roofer, Gongli provides a wide variety of superior quality roofing products. Our specialized production includes synthetic resin tiles, U-PVC plastic steel tiles, U-PVC ladder tiles among others that are associated with different roofing needs. Gongli brand has come to be synonymous with durability, reliability and longevity in the products we produce. We have used new methods and an extensive knowledge about changes in modern construction for developing our roofing sheets. Apart from having ASA PVC composite roof tiles and U-PVCASA enthetis resin tiles in a comprehensive catalogue , we feel proud to always prove ourselves by giving out various reinforcements that our customers can make strong waterproof attractive roofs.

Designed for sustainability and eco-friendliness, our collection of roofing panels is intended to deliver energy efficiency as well as reduce costs linked to maintenance on our clients’ side.Gongli prides itself on providing environmentally-conscious yet effective roofing solutions.Our PC transparent sheets which were engineered to last forever allow sufficient sunlight but with high levels of strength and physical damage resistance mechanisms included.Consequently,a customer seeking a complete service package which will ensure a strong and nice looking roof, can request for other associated material as well.Our range of products is ever changing to incorporate the latest industry trends, Gongli is committed to excellence in its product lines thus remaining at the forefront of roof coverings technology worldwide catering for both commercial and residential needs.
Gongli: Amongst the Best Producers of Quality Roofing Sheets

Gongli: Amongst the Best Producers of Quality Roofing Sheets

Gongli, a renowned roofing expert brand, specializes in processing quality roofs. The variety of our roofs such as plastic pipe tile, PVC corrugated plastic sheet (tile), and PVCASA enthetic resin tile are suitable for various building construction needs. The roofs are made with great precision and attention to details that contribute to their excellent resistance against harsh weather conditions and long durability thus making it a perfect solution for any project.

In pursuing excellence in its production processes, Gongli has incorporated cutting-edge technology and premium materials into the manufacture of its roofing sheets. It is through our ASA-PVC composite roof tile and PVC plastics that we are able to have beautiful solutions which make the whole building more attractive. Additionally, our ASA Chinese style roof tile makes it possible to introduce some traditional aesthetics into one’s project without losing out on modern performance requirements; thereby it has become widely preferred by those who want a little bit of something unique in their designs. When it comes to Gongli roofing sheets, you will find them stylish yet functional.

On top of the wide range of roof tiles that we have, synthetic resin tile with strong PC transparent sheet think Gongli paint also offers customers different matching parts. Our products go through strict inspections hence each piece chosen meets all standards recognized by the sector. You will not only get superior products when buying from us but also be assured of unwavering commitment toward customer satisfaction based on quality as well. For world-class roofing sheets choose Gongli for your construction projects.

Gongli: The Prime Manufacturer and Vendor of Roofing Sheets

Gongli: The Prime Manufacturer and Vendor of Roofing Sheets

Talking about Gongli, it is a household name in the roofing business and we specialize in making quality roofing sheets. Our products include resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC compsite roof tile, PVC plastic, ASA chinese style roof tile, Strong synthetic resin tile, PC transparent sheet and various matching accessories. As makers we are proud to say that we produce excellent products for all our customers.

We at Gongli believe in innovation and excellence. Our modernized production facilities as well as strict control measures make our roofing sheets not only durable but also good-looking; they are capable to withstand heavy loads brought about by rough weather conditions. This dedication to offering top-notch quality has made us one of the most reputable roof sheet producers and suppliers in the market.

Moreover Gongli provides great customer service and complete technical support accompanying its prime products. Our experts are always there to guide you through picking the right type of slates for your project or answer whatever matters you may have regarding them. Gongli pledges to give you the best value for your cash by providing quality roofs which are long lasting.

Gongli: The Best Choice for Durable Roofing Sheets Production

Gongli: The Best Choice for Durable Roofing Sheets Production

Gongli is a popular brand known for its proficiency in delivering high quality roofing solutions, with extensive range of roofing sheets that includes various materials and designs. For purposes of durability and resistant to weathering, we have our own special types of roofing sheets like synthetic resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile and ASA PVC composite roof tile. Our company Gongli focuses on accommodating different needs of customers which enable each roofing sheet to meet the highest industry standards making us favorite among the world’s architects and contractors.

In the matter of roofing sheets, nothing matters like quality. It is due to this reason that Gongli employs modern technologies and strict quality control mechanisms in their manufacturing facilities. Our U-PVC ladder tiles and Chinese style roof tiles ASA are very popular since they combine traditional aesthetics with contemporary performance. I.e., the name Gongli has become synonymous with reliability because it offers durable solutions such as strong synthetic resin tile or PC transparent sheet that enhance both appearance and usefulness of any structure.

Additionally, apart from a variety of roofing sheets, we also produce supporting accessories for their seamless installation. We understand the significance of an integrated and long-lasting roof system as a professional manufacturer specializing in roofing solutions. Our pursuit for excellence goes beyond making first class roofing sheets; instead it extends to providing great customer care services coupled with technical assistance. When you buy Gongli’s roofsheets don’t just think they are products but see them as your tools towards partnership full of confidence in terms of quality assurance, dependability as well as peace in yourself.

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Guangdong Gongli Building Materials Co., Ltd. specialized in the production of synthetic resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC compsite roof tile, PVC plastic, ASA chinese style roof tile, Strong synthetic resin tile, PC transparent sheet and various matching accessories etc. specializina in the production of professional manufacturers. The company was founded in 2014. The products produced than the market the same type the product is more durable, more resilient, better fire performance characteristics. Our company is located in the hinterland of the pear river delta-Lubao town sanshui district, Foshan city Guangdong province, it covers the area of over 40000 square meters. With more than 200 employees and 19 advanced production lines, 3 are under construction. We can produce 80000 tons per year. Different products are meeting to the different demands of customers.

Why Choose Us

Reliable quality

We use high-quality materials to ensure their performance and durability. After production, we conduct quality checks to ensure compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

Custom products

Our professional team will work closely with you, from design to production, whether it is color, size and logo design, every link will be carefully crafted.

Reliable reputation

We are a company with 10 years of industry experience and deep industry knowledge and skills. We will be professional attitude and rigorous work style to provide customers with reliable services

Selling well all over the world

No matter in which market, quality is always the most concerned issue for consumers. Ensuring the high quality of products is the key to winning the trust of consumers.


What users say about Us

Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a game-changer in the construction industry! Their durability and resilience surpass other roofing materials. The variety of options, including U-PVC ladder tiles and PC transparent sheets, cater to diverse project needs. Gongli's products are the go-to choice for quality roofing solutions.



Gongli's ASA PVC composite roof tiles are the pinnacle of roofing technology! Their superior fire performance and durability make them ideal for residential and commercial projects alike. The range of accessories available ensures seamless installation. Gongli's products have revolutionized our roofing projects.



Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a homeowner's dream come true! Their strength and fire performance give homeowners peace of mind. The variety of options, including strong synthetic resin tiles and PVC plastic sheets, cater to different aesthetic preferences. Gongli's products enhance the value and safety of residential properties.



Gongli's PVC plastic and PC transparent sheets are perfect for our real estate projects! Their durability and resilience ensure long-lasting performance in various climatic conditions. The ASA PVC composite roof tiles add aesthetic value to our properties. Gongli's products have become our preferred choice for roofing solutions.





Do You Have Any Question?

What types of roofing sheets does Gongli manufacture?

Gongli offers a range of roofing sheet products, including PVC, ASA, and composite options.

What are the key advantages of Gongli's roofing sheet materials?

Gongli's roofing sheets are known for their durability, weather resistance, and ease of installation.

In what kind of projects or buildings are Gongli's roofing sheets commonly used?

Gongli's roofing sheets are suitable for a wide range of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Can Gongli's roofing sheets be customized to meet specific project requirements?

Yes, Gongli offers customization options for sheet size, color, and other specifications as needed.


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