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Gongli Company – Your Best Companion to ASA PVC Composite Roof Tiles of High Quality

Gongli Company – Your Best Companion to ASA PVC Composite Roof Tiles of High Quality

Gongli is a reputable manufacturer that majors in synthetic resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC composite roof tile, PVC plastic, ASA Chinese style roof tile, strong synthetic resin tile, PC transparent sheet and various matching accessories. Due to our proficiency in the industry we have formed relation with many clients all over the world.

One of them is the ASA PVC composite roof tiles which are our best-selling products. This is an innovative roofing solution that combines long lasting polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with aesthetic appeal from composites materials resulting to light weight weather resistant easy to install roofing system capable of withstanding extreme heat or cold and severe climate conditions.

Quality and sustainability are among the key factors in building industry for us at Gongli. It’s out of this reason that we ensure production of only high quality components for our composite roof tiles. With use of modern technology during manufacturing processes ensures each construction piece meets strict quality stipulations aimed at long lasting and dependable roofing solutions.

In addition to quality assurance, ours is excellent customer services as well. Our teams at work are made up of experienced professionals who will be willing to answer any query concerning their products. We always pride ourselves on our being able to provide customized solutions according to your demands.

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Guangdong Gongli Building Materials Co., Ltd. specialized in the production of synthetic resin tile, U-PVC plastic steel tile, U-PVC ladder tile, U-PVCASA enthetis resin tile, ASA PVC compsite roof tile, PVC plastic, ASA chinese style roof tile, Strong synthetic resin tile, PC transparent sheet and various matching accessories etc. specializina in the production of professional manufacturers. The company was founded in 2014. The products produced than the market the same type the product is more durable, more resilient, better fire performance characteristics. Our company is located in the hinterland of the pear river delta-Lubao town sanshui district, Foshan city Guangdong province, it covers the area of over 40000 square meters. With more than 200 employees and 19 advanced production lines, 3 are under construction. We can produce 80000 tons per year. Different products are meeting to the different demands of customers.

Why Choose Us

Reliable quality

We use high-quality materials to ensure their performance and durability. After production, we conduct quality checks to ensure compliance with industry standards and customer expectations.

Custom products

Our professional team will work closely with you, from design to production, whether it is color, size and logo design, every link will be carefully crafted.

Reliable reputation

We are a company with 10 years of industry experience and deep industry knowledge and skills. We will be professional attitude and rigorous work style to provide customers with reliable services

Selling well all over the world

No matter in which market, quality is always the most concerned issue for consumers. Ensuring the high quality of products is the key to winning the trust of consumers.


What users say about Us

Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a game-changer in the construction industry! Their durability and resilience surpass other roofing materials. The variety of options, including U-PVC ladder tiles and PC transparent sheets, cater to diverse project needs. Gongli's products are the go-to choice for quality roofing solutions.



Gongli's ASA PVC composite roof tiles are the pinnacle of roofing technology! Their superior fire performance and durability make them ideal for residential and commercial projects alike. The range of accessories available ensures seamless installation. Gongli's products have revolutionized our roofing projects.



Gongli's synthetic resin tiles are a homeowner's dream come true! Their strength and fire performance give homeowners peace of mind. The variety of options, including strong synthetic resin tiles and PVC plastic sheets, cater to different aesthetic preferences. Gongli's products enhance the value and safety of residential properties.



Gongli's PVC plastic and PC transparent sheets are perfect for our real estate projects! Their durability and resilience ensure long-lasting performance in various climatic conditions. The ASA PVC composite roof tiles add aesthetic value to our properties. Gongli's products have become our preferred choice for roofing solutions.





Do You Have Any Question?

What types of composite roof tiles does Gongli offer?

Gongli specializes in producing ASA PVC composite roof tiles, as well as other synthetic resin-based tiles and roofing products.

What are the key advantages of Gongli's composite roof tiles?

Gongli's composite roof tiles are known for their durability, weather resistance, and low maintenance requirements compared to traditional roofing materials.

How do Gongli's composite roof tiles perform in terms of thermal insulation?

Gongli's composite tiles are designed with thermal insulation properties to help improve energy efficiency and reduce heating/cooling costs for buildings.

Can Gongli's composite roof tiles be easily integrated with other roofing systems?

Yes, Gongli's composite tiles are compatible with a variety of other roofing components and can be seamlessly integrated into different projects.


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