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Comparing Synthetic Resin Tiles and Traditional Tiles

May 30, 2024 0

Each of the two roofing materials have its own merits to homeowners. However, with the advancement in technology, synthetic resin tiles have become more popular in the market because of their distinctive qualities.

Traditional Tile Features

Sturdiness and attractiveness

Normally, traditional tiles such as clay or concrete tiles are known for their strength and long life expectancy. They are not only fire resistant but can also be changed into different forms to match various architectural designs.

Conserve Energy

It is possible to enhance energy efficiency by using traditional tiles coated with reflective agents that reflect sun rays leading reduced indoor temperatures. Moreover, the space found between roof panel and tiles helps increasing their insulation value.

Advantages of Synthetic Resin Tiles

They are Lighter in Weight and Environmentally Friendly

These types of roof is made from mainly plastics, rubber or fibre-cement which makes them much lighter than traditional ones thus being more environmentally friendly. For instance, they may be manufactured from recycled materials offering 100% recyclability at the end of their service life reducing landfill waste problems.

Performance under extreme climatic conditions

Synthetic resin tiles do well in all types of weather whereas most traditional variety does not undergo the shrinking and swelling cycles that might make it weak.

Economically Sound

Compared to traditional varieties, synthetic resin tile roofs require less maintenance in a long run and are installed faster thus giving some edge in terms of cost effective measures.


While synthetic resin tiles offer advantages like lightness, environmental protection as well as economy; on the other hand , traditional varieties have benefits concerning durability and beauty. On this note, home owners must choose among these two kinds basing on what they want out of them when selecting roofing materials .

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