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Which roofing materials company doing ODM?
Considering manufacturing prices, labor input and transportation, you will find more and more companies providing roofing materials ODM support for customers. The Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) represents the company that can design and produce the project. It requires the company to acquire expert layout skills. In general, a professional company should fully communicate with customers about the prerequisites for the ODM service before proper production, which will ensure a smooth and efficient process.

From the very beginning of the establishment of the brand, Guangdong Gongli Building Materials Co., Ltd has been focusing on the innovative development of upvc sheets suppliers. Gongli Building Materials produces a number of different product series, including ASA roof tile. Gongli asa roofing adopts imported raw materials to ensure the smooth production process. Gongli PVC roofing is developed to meet different requirements on color, size, light, etc. The product poses no hazards during overloading. It is equipped with high-performance circuit breakers to provide protection from overloading. The PVC roofing line is complete, along with sufficient accessories.

Gongli Building Materials aims to be globally advanced in the upvc roof industry. Get quote!
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