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What are PVC Roof Panels?

What are PVC Roof Panels?


The introduction of PVC roof panels in the roofing sector has been one of the greatest game changers to ever happen in the construction industry.


Despite the fact that most people only associate PVC with plumbing materials, PVC roof panels are rapidly becoming a favorite for construction companies and home owners because of their unmatched benefits over other roofing options, both traditional and contemporary.


This article demystifies the growing preference for PVC roofing over other roofing options available in the market.



What are PVC Roof Panels?


Perhaps to better understand what PVC roof panels are, you need to understand what PVC is and why it is a preferred material for making roof panels. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and refers to a plastic material produced from a gaseous reaction between ethylene with oxygen and HCL (Hydrochloric acid).


Therefore, PVC roof panels are simply plastic panels made out of the PVC material and used in roofing.



Uses of PVC roof panels



There are two categories or types of PVC that are each used on different types of roofs. There is PVC used in flat roofing which comes as a flexible membrane and another type used for conservatories roofing.



PVC for flat roofing -The type of PVC used in flat roofing comes in a flexible membrane that is rolled out to lay flat on the roof during installation. The membrane can either be installed with adhesive or can be fitted using nails just like any other roofing materials. Flat roofs are slowly becoming the most preferred roofing styles for both commercial building and residential buildings.


This is because they are much cheaper to install and easier to maintain. It is even cheaper if the roofing material used is PVC because PVC is a cheaper roofing option. This will definitely save you a few bucks if you are considering using PVC for your flat roof.

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PVC for conservatories -For conservatories and irregular roofing, PVC roof panels are the most preferred roofing option. Unlike PVC for flat roofs, the PVC roof panels used in conservatories initially had 75% glass component.


Nowadays, due to changes in regulations and laws, conservatory roofs can be made with different types of materials including PVC. However, the glass component still needs to be at a minimum of 50% to optimize its functionality and strength. These types of PVC sheets can be used in warehouses, factories, shades, poultry and agricultural farms among other buildings.


Emerging Trends In PVC Roof Panels



Although the PVC roofing trend has not yet picked up as expected in the recent times, there is so much potential for its boom in the future. Since the invention of PVC roof panels, a lot of technological improvements have been made on the quality and functionality of PVC panels. All these improvements in manufacturing are keen to address major environmental concerns such as use of plastic and UV penetration.


As a result, many companies such as Guangdong Gongli Building Materials Co. Ltd have taken major steps in improving the user experience and quality of their building materials with state of the art technology. The following are some of the major trends in PVC roof panels.



UPVC Roof Panels



UPVC roof panels simply refer to unplasticized PVC. This means that the plastic component in regular PVC is eliminated, making these types of PVC roof panels rigid and stronger. This is why they are ideal for roofing panels.


The type of UPVC panels manufactured by Guangdong Gongli Building-Materials Company, for instance, are good examples of UPVC roof panels. They are manufactured with the latest advanced technology to withstand combustion, corrosion, adverse weather conditions and are UV resistant.



Anti-UV Panels


These PVC roof panels are infused with anti-UV agents during their production so as to limit UV penetration which is a harmful health threat.


Benefits Of PVC Roof Panels



PVC roof panels are a favorite option because of the myriad benefits and advantages they offer when compared to other roofing materials.



Durable -Want a long lasting roofing solution? PVC roof panels are the best solution to consider for your roofing needs.


The PVC material used in making PVC roof panels is a tried and tested durable material because it can withstand many types of wear and tear for long periods of time unlike other roofing materials.



Strong -Another major attribute that makes PVC roofing a better option is their strength. PVC is a very strong material that can withstand breakage or wear and tear. This is why they are more durable than other roofing materials.



Combustion resistant -There is a dire need of almost every building material to be resistant to fire for extra safety of buildings and their occupants and roofing materials are no exception. You might think that because PVC is majorly plastic, they cannot be resistant to fire.


Although this may be true for some PVC materials, modern technology has enabled companies to produce fire resistant PVC roof panels to counter competition.



Cost effective - PVC is a comparatively cheap material compared to other building materials and will therefore cut on construction costs by a good percentage.



Easy to maintain - Maintenance is very important when it comes to construction. You dont want to be constantly having to repair or replace your roofing every now and then. PVC roof panels are very low maintenance which is a plus in addition to being cheap.



Good aesthetics -Gone are the days when roofs could only be brown, red, grey or white. PVC roof panels come in a wide variety of colors and designs to suit every consumers need. Additionally, they can be custom made according to a customers preference.



These are some of the perks that come with buying your PVC roof panels from Guangdong Gongli Building-materials Company. Besides having a variety of colors and designs to choose from, they can also custom make the panels to suit a customers preference.




In a nutshell, PVC roof panels are not really a new thing in the construction industry. However, better and more improved varieties are coming up in the market and sooner than later, they will be considered as the better option by most construction companies.


This is due to the fact that they are cheaper, lightweight and eco-friendly; all of which are major concerns as far as modern construction is concerned.


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