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Pvc Corrugated Sheet-a Solution To Your Roofing Problems

Pvc Corrugated Sheet-a Solution To Your Roofing Problems


Whether we are a individual house owner or you live in an apartment complex, the biggest concern for us is shielding our patio or the open space in our veranda from the hot summer or the rainy season. What is the use of an open space if it cannot be used for personal reasons like a small family get together or a coffee with your wife and children early in the morning?


There are many options available in the market. For example the asbestos sheet. This was the best option available in the market but there are many negatives to it. In a hot summer day it is virtually impossible to stand for a few minutes under the sheet, let alone sitting for a few hours. Also with the constant changes in the weather there is a lot of wear and tear and the sheet needs to be replaced offer as cracks start to develop in the sheet. With the cracks there is a scope of the sheet breaking off into prices and has a health hazard if not noticed and replaced in time.

The last thing we would want is an accident due to a piece of cement sheet breaking and falling on us or our family members.

 Gongli-Corrugated Roof Sheets-a Solution To Your Roofing Problems

With no other options available in the market people had to resort to using asbestos sheets for their houses and even for factory. But the good news is round the corner. We do not need to compromise with our safety ANYMORE. We have an option available and it is known as PVC Corrugated sheet.

The major raw material that is used for making this sheet is known as PVC RESIN and it is combined with Anti-UV agent and other chemical agents which are not harmful to our health. Yes the concern of health does increase the moment words like chemical agents are used for manufacturing a product, as there might be some long term effect on our health. But we do not need to worry as a lot of

research and thought has gone into developing this product.


The best part about PVC Corrugated sheet is that it is fire resistant , corrosion resistant, weather resistant and environmental friendly. So one can be rest assured that in case of an adverse even happening your place is well protected. Also your neighbours will not be complaining about health hazards if you opt to use one of the PVC Corrugated sheet.


What’s more it comes in different colours, unlike asbestos sheet which is only available in grey, and you can choose to give you place a different look by the colour of your choice. With a 10 years guarantee given by the manufacturers you can be rest assured that you will not need to worry about your roof and that you have got a near permanent and long term solution for your roofing problem


The PVC Corrugated sheet can be used for poultry farms, plants, factories, warehouses, agricultural markets, car sheds, chemical factories, construction areas, and also for personal use like patio or roof tops to cover the unprotected areas.


Does this already look like a better option for you? Yes it is. And personally speaking I like the green colour PVC Corrugated sheet as it gives the whole area a different look in a hot summer afternoon. The area turns into a green house and looks very beautiful. This sheet is very light and is very easy to fit. It is a stop solution for all your roofing problems.

Apart from being environmentally friendly and having resistance to corrosion and fire and weather it is also cost effective and there is practically one time cost attached to it. That is because once you have bought it and fixed it you do not need to worry about your roofing sheet for next ten long years. I do not know if asbestos sheets can last that long.


Also this sheet being flexible withstands the wind and rain gust up to a certain lever. Of course if there is a fail storm then you cannot give the same guarantee but for situations where there is heavy rainfall and wind this sheet can sustain the pressure and will not crack or or burst off. The same guarantee cannot be provides for asbestos sheets as they are hard and are made of cement.


Yes, there was a time, not very long ago when we did not have any other options available in the market and had to go for asbestos sheets for roofing. But now with the advent of PVC Corrugated sheets there is a viable option available in the market.


It is not only protective, long lasting, and resistant to many hazards like fire, it is also very cost effective.


So if you are planning to cover your roof top or if you are planning to change the old asbestos roof sheets then try out the new PVC Corrugated sheet. You will not regret changing to the new PVC Corrugated sheet. Not only will you like it, I am sure that you will end up recommending your family and friends to change over to PVC Corrugated sheet from the asbestos sheet as soon as possible.

Then what are you waiting for? Go ahead decide the colour that you would like to prefer for your roofing sheet, if you have not yet decided the colour, and if you already know which colour to use then order your PVC Corrugated sheet now. You would want be the one recommending your family and friends about this sheet and not want someone from your family or your friends circle coming and recommending you to change over to PVC Corrugated sheet from your old torn and cracked asbestos sheet.


Always remember that knowledge is power and can be effective only when implements in timely manner. Now that you have a pretty good knowledge about the advantages of changing over to PVC Corrugated sheet, there is no use sitting and thinking about it. Go ahead and act and act now to change from the old, dull and boring asbestos sheet to the new fashionable, durable and long lasting PVC Corrugated sheet.


And if you feel that you still need to wait and do a bit of research before making the switch over from the old and traditional asbestos sheets to PVC Corrugated sheets then Google about the advantages of these sheets and compare it with the asbestos sheets. Trust me you will be surprised to know that the sooner you switch over the better it is for you and the people around you.

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