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Insulated Customized Length Width Thickness Composite Corrugated PVC Roofing Sheets

Warranty:More Than 20 Years
Project Solution:Graphic Design, Total Solution For Projects
Type:Plain Roof Tiles, ASAPVC Roofing Sheet
Color:Blue, Green, White Or Customized


Product Details


Low price corrosion resistance corrugated pvc roof sheet Bangladesh plastic roofing sheet


Dear customers, welcome to visit us.

Please allow me to briefly introduce our company through the following four aspects.

Firstly, about our factory

Insulated 840mm Corrugated PVC Roof Sheet Corrosion Proof For Farm Market 0           

As a professional roofing manufacturer, we focusing on solving the problems of  heat-proof, anti-corrosion,  waterproofing not crack easily and so on.


Secondly, solution apply to

            No matter you are Personal user,Builder or Trader, We not only provide high quality product , but also provide professional solutions on roofing sheet.

Insulated 840mm Corrugated PVC Roof Sheet Corrosion Proof For Farm Market 2 

Thirdly, about our products

Main Product :                                                                 

ASA synthetic resin roof tile ,ASA&PVC composite roofing sheet ,UPVC roof sheet,FRP transparent tile

Insulated 840mm Corrugated PVC Roof Sheet Corrosion Proof For Farm Market 4 

All products can be customized to different shapes and colors.


Application :

Villa,warehouse,factory,carport,farm market,green house .etc


Fourthly, our product deliver happy all over the world

Gongli upvc roof tile lasts long life span and color staying. Good fire resistance with excellent insulation and excellent waterproof performance.

It offers excellent performances not just covering  , but safety and eco-friendly  protection.


A roof tile is one of the best ways to beautify your home, and its tested to last not just for years, but for decades.

Gongli plastic roof tile hope to win trust with time, to witness more happiness of life.


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