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How many brands are marketed by Gongli Building Materials?
As a small business, Guangdong Gongli Building Materials Co., Ltd competes with big brands. So we build our own brand - Gongli to make sure we go out and let our business be seen and heard. Our company has achieved long-term development in recent years. Our own brand helps to expand our global appeal as a small business.

In China, the quality of Gongli Building Materials production is at the leading level. Gongli Building Materials produces a number of different product series, including composite roof tiles. The product is characterized by electromagnetic compatibility. It has passed EMC tests in the aspects of conducted disturbances immunity, power interference, and immunity to induced voltages. Every year about 60000 tons of Gongli PVC roofing is supplied. Gongli Building Materials incorporates production, sells and after-sale service and technical support to meet all kinds of needs of its customers. Gongli UPVC roofing sheet is use-durable.

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