Dealer SolutionsGive dealers all the help they need

Dealer SolutionsGive dealers all the help they need

Dealer SolutionsGive dealers all the help they need

Dealer SolutionsGive dealers all the help they need

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ASA synthetic resin tiles adopt advanced three-layer
common pressure technology The raw materials used are brand-newmaterials provided by high quality company.

  • Color Fastness: Lasting
    color for 10 years

    The surface material is made of super weather resistant ASA engineering resin.Color stability can be mainted even under harsh conditions of ultraviolet light,moisture, heat and cold.

  • Excellent Corrosion

    Synthetic resin tile can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances for a long time.

  • Strong Impact

    1kg steel ball falling freely from 5 meters high will not crack synthetic resin tile, which has a strong bearing capacity of external impact.

  • Good Load

    In low temperature climate, even if the roof under perennial snow, synthetic resin tile will be not damaged or torn.

  • Good Sound

    Resin tile has good sound insulation and silencing effect. When exposed to external noises such as rainstorm and gale, it can be both sound insulated and noise absorpted. The test results show that the average sound insulation volume is over 30dB.

  • Fire

    Resin tile materials belongs to the refractorty materials, and te fire rating meets international CB 8624-2012 B1 level.

  • Convenient

    Synthetic resin tile is easy to install, and tile installation is more efficient and cost-effective.

  • Self

    The surface of the resin tile is smooth and compact, which does not absorb water, dust and will be more clean and bright after rain wash.

Matching Rooftop
Roof Sheet accessories will make your roof project last a life time and
nearly maintenance-free.

SEVEN IN STOCK colors for
your demanding projects.

Colors as shown are for illustration purposes.
Please refer to an actual sample for full color consideration.

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