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by:Gongli     2020-03-25
The days when developers crushed old buildings into dust to make way for new buildings have passed.
Salvage is a big business, and it has commercial and environmental significance for builders to recycle as much as possible.
At the very least, something that cannot be saved is crushed and used as a hardcore.
Five years ago, Lassco flooring in London had some regular material suppliers, but now, director Tim Shorrock says they will be called by hundreds of square feet of blue buildings.
\"We don\'t offer developers built from scratch, but we do have a big market for warehouse conversion.
\"Only if the builder has to comply with strict planning regulations will they use the old materials.
For example, it is easier and cheaper to use New York stone cut into uniform shape and thickness than the old irregular flag
No matter how beautiful the worn stones are.
Even in the protected area, it is not cost-effective to use recycled roof slabs, many of which are not good simulated slabs.
However, some developers go fairly on the Green Road.
On Earlsfield\'s South London website, Laing Homes decided not only to save almost everything from the Victorian woodworking factory that made way for 32 houses, but they also cleaned and redecorated
Spread the old pebbles.
\"It\'s more expensive and longer --
Andy Wilkins, marketing manager at \"spending\" Laing home South, said.
\"We also keep the boundary wall, which involves re-
Point and lay a new route on it.
It would be more economical to tear it down.
\"The company is connected to WWF and also has grown-up trees from another demolition site and replanted in Earlsfield.
Brown land, which accounts for 75 of laining construction site-
Land the government is eager to develop --
Provide potentially abundant salvage resources.
London yellow bricks at the woodworking factory were re-solduse, the hand-
Ceramic tiles used in old buildings were shipped to Wales, and roof Wood, pallets and flooring were used by a Nottingham furniture manufacturer.
Of course, it\'s not just Laing home that thinks environmental issues are important to buyers.
Redrow Homes, developed at the site of a psychiatric hospital on the edge of Warrington, took the first step in integrating the new building with the renovation of the old building.
All the bricks, ridges, chimney posts, finishes, window frames and tiles from affiliated buildings are used to repair those parts of the hospital they keep.
The sea gate in the South China Sea
Renovated Eastney Barracks-
Redrow uses parts of the demolished drilling Hall, such as steel columns, to create a new entrance canopy leading to the barracks.
On the ground, the new mews-and courtyard-
The style house was built with imitation materials.
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