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architectural shingles - deciding the right roofing material

by:Gongli     2020-03-25
According to the design, the building Wood tile can be installed at a steeper angle compared to the organic Wood tile.
Compared to the asphalt tile, its weight is heavier, and once supported at a steeper angle, it will not affect durability.
This gives architects the opportunity to provide a more aesthetically pleasing design for the house without worrying about sacrificing the strength of the entire structure.
The building Wood tile also offers a wide variety of color options, and some designs mimic the appearance of the organic wood tile, minus the attendant drawbacks.
If you choose a slate shake or a cedar shake as the roof, there will be restrictions on the design of the roof.
These materials may not be able to handle the angle of roof installation.
These materials will also sacrifice the durability of the roof.
The wooden tiles are also designed to mimic cedar and slate.
However, these wooden tiles are still more flexible and durable.
Compared with the organic wood tile, the building Wood tile is more durable and flexible.
Their layers are made up of different composites, each of which has its own use.
Fiberglass or rubber asphalt bedding makes it more waterproof, and its interlocking labels and weights give it a more solid feel, enabling it to withstand stronger winds.
The top coating of its heavy particles makes it more flame-retardant to fire, while giving it more color and texture.
Due to the changing weather, organic wood tiles and asphalt wood tiles are more likely to deteriorate.
Whenever the sun comes out or the rain pours down, the chances of breakage and water penetration are greater as each wooden tile shrinks and expands.
In addition, if the mats of the organic wooden tiles are made of paper, they are more vulnerable to fire.
Earlier versions of building wooden tiles may be vulnerable to algae and mildew damage, but copper or zinc particles recently added to laminated wooden tiles also help to address these issues.
Other roofing materials such as clay bricks and steel plates may change the design and durability, but it also has its own shortcomings.
The time of use of clay bricks may be longer than the wooden tiles, but the installation requires a larger area to compensate for its heavy load.
Steel plate installation may take a shorter time, but its installation price will be more expensive in addition to the steel plate itself --
Not to mention its shortcomings.
The wooden tile of architecture has become the first choice today due to its extensive design and clear advantages.
Not only is it intended to provide the highlights of the roof features, but it is also used as a replacement for Organic Tiles due to its ability to adapt to weather and breakage.
While it is much more expensive than other wooden tiles or milkshakes, the cost is worth it in terms of design and durability.
Think of it as a long term
Regular investment
The sale of a house with a roof still intact is an advantage in terms of profit.
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