Gongli the quality roofing sheet forerunner 


Our main products are ASA synthetic resin tile, ASA composite tile, UV-PVC, Chinese-Style tile, strong synthetic resin tile, translucent tiles and Various accessories.authorities.

We provide good product, great constructions solutions for villa, country house, warehouse, industrial workshop, animal farm, building, pavilion, bungalow, outdoor corridor,

garden wall, settlement building. all of about the roof  renovation project.


Roof building materials professional manufacturer

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    Satisfy different types of market

    Guangdong Gongli building pursuits high product quality Endlessly, also strictly uses the best imported raw materials ,which are used to make the artistic space of the products to be infinite.Our products are produced under the four - layer compression technology ,this continues to exploit and innovate,and make the color, light, ze, and art all play to the extreme.

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    Strong production scale

    With a total area of more than 40,000 square meters, we have 12 advanced production lines including 6 lines are under  construction, also have an annual output of 60,000 tons and a high production technology.

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